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89% of women resume sexual activity within 6 months of giving birth.

We require emotional and physical wellbeing for arousal and desire to achieve sexual satisfaction with or with out orgasm. We are slightly more complicated than men

Women commonly report issues however postnatal such as


Lack of vaginal lubrication

Difficulty to reach orgasm

Vaginal bleeding

Irritation after sex

Loss of sexual desire

This should not be your new normal, and having more painful sex 99% of the time does not work to resolve symptoms

Up to 83% report sexual issues at 2–3 months postpartum

64% at 6 months postpartum

These are huge numbers and you deserve better ladies, raising this important topic will hopefully lead to more open conversation between pregnant and postpartum women and seek appropriate treatment from physio, G.P or sex therapists/counsellors

Many ladies need guidance when returning to sex postnatal, which may include

Scar desensitization

Ultrasound for perineal scars

Pelvic floor relaxation exercises

Improving vaginal skin quality

Lube advice.......use LOTS!

Positions for sex

Counselling/ sex therapy

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