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What is a Pessary?

A pessary is a silcone device that is placed into the vagina to support the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus or bowel)

Pessaries can be a game changer for many ladies who are bothered by pelvic floor symptoms that maybe haven't quite made enough of an improvement with pelvic floor exercises and lifestyle modifications and is another conservative option to consider instead of surgery or as you wait for surgery

⚡Pessaries do not replace you doing your pelvic floor exercises, if anything I often see woman able to connect more with there pelvic floor muscles

⚡Pessaries will not make you weaker

⚡Pessary fitting can take a couple of sessions to get the right size and type

⚡Pessaries can be worn all the time or just for certain exercise

⚡Pessaries can be used early postnatal, especially after a vaginal birth to help support the organs and recover

⚡Pessaries can be used for symptoms for vaginal heaviness, bulge, stress urinary incontinence, urgency, low back or abdominal pain or incomplete bladder emptying

Pessaries can be fitted by gynaecologist, obstetrician, specialised nurses or womens health physios trained in pessary fitting.

If you would like help with pelvic floor symptoms or thinking of a pessary fitting get in touch.

Phone: 07802305574


Karen 💚

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