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Painful Sex?

Or unable to insert a tampon, or dread the routine smear test.....once you see the speculum your vagina shuts down a little more?

You are not alone.... up to 20% of women experience these symptoms and more, prolonged pelvic pain can start to play havoc with your bowels and bladder, leading to incontinence, or making it difficult to pee or pass a poo.

Pelvic health physios are best placed to assess and manage such spread the word ladies and men!

I would say not many other health professionals let alone the public know that pelvic health physios can help resolve the pain or discomfort experienced with vaginal examinations, sex, tampons or anything else that should not be causing pain etc...

I get so upset when women or men have been to multiple health professionals, and even had the courage to ask about these symptoms....and they get dismissed. This needs to change, and we can change this if we increase the awareness that pain with sex or tampons is not normal and there are health professionals who you can see who specialists in this area, US!

You should not have to live with pain, it is not normal, and more than not is can be resolved with correct assessment and management by a pelvic health physios.

Always wonder what causes the pain?

It can be one factor such as the walls of vagina being slightly dry and sensitive.....

or it could be many different factor contributing...

The pelvic floor muscles are tight/overactive/high tone!

You could have an infection....thrush? UTI?

You might be under a lot of stress at work?

You may have a prolapse?

Or extremely constipated?

You could have had an emotional or physical abuse history which is playing a part?

It may be post your pelvic surgery?

Or after radiation


You might have had a fall on your butt?

Could be coming from your hip?

Post birth? episiotomy? tear? forceps, vacuum? C-section?

These are only a few possibilities about the WHY...

Pain that persists should be investigated and the sooner you get onto the right management the quicker things will resolve.

A pelvic health physio will take a detailed history, listening to your journey, assess you as a whole and plan with you the best approach.

I especially find these websites very beneficial for clients to have a look at

Pelvic pain foundation Australia


Tame the beast

Need help? give us a ring to book an appointment at Karen Crudden Pelvic Health Physio

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