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What is a telehealth pelvic floor consultant?

Telehealth is the use of a device (smart phone, tablet, computer) to meet with a health care professional virtually to receive diagnosis and management.

The first visit starts exactly the same as an in-person consult would. We listen to your story, discuss your medical history, bladder, bowels and sexual function in more detail than you thought possible, find out what is bothering you and most importantly, discuss your goals and what you expect to achieve from seeing us.

Next, will educate you on what is normal pelvic anatomy, and why an assessment of the pelvic floor muscles is important. We will already have a picture of what might be happening and causing your symptoms from the questions you have answered.

Next, we assess the function of the pelvic floor muscles. Now, here’s the difference in the telehealth consultant. The components of an in-person vaginal exam would be to assess skin integrity, pelvic floor muscle function, prolapse and pain —we can’t do that. So, the exam takes on a different flare.

Then, just like in-person, we start you on a plan to address the problem areas identified. This will likely include specific exercises, and advice to start improving habits. We will also plan for future appointment, which could include further telehealth consults, or recommendations for in-person consultations. Any exercises or advice recommended will be emailed to you. Depending on symptoms we may ask you to complete a bladder diary for us to go over in your following appointment, or an appropriate questionnaire to monitor progress.

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